Road Plates

Maxx Piling are able to supply (for sale only) new Steel Road Plates to the U.K construction industry. They are supplied in sizes 8ft x 4ft x " and 6ft x 4ft x " complete with lifting holes for easy handling. Steel Road plates can be supplied coated with an anti skid surface or plain uncoated.

Our Steel Road Plates are extremely strong and durable. They will flex under heavy loads and deflect without breaking. They are the strongest and most practicable method of bridging open trenches dug for, gas and water mains, cables and drainage.

Road Plates can also be used for permanent installation in sensitive service areas, such as high voltage and telecom cables. Instead of burying the services deeply, the Road Plates can be installed to allow for easy access when servicing or maintenance is required. They are the perfect answer for covering collapsed drains and manhole covers to allow traffic or pedestrians to cross voids in safety.

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