Trench Sheets

Maxx Piling Trench Sheets and Accessories (For Sale Only)

Trench Sheets are used to support earth banks and to ensure the safety of construction workers. Maxx Piling offer for sale a complete range of Trench Sheets. Maxx Piling Trench Sheets are supplied in a variety of profiles (light, standard and heavy) and lengths, with handling hole provided at one end and are ideal for use in medium and small excavations.

Maxx Piling can provide quick release shackles with trench sheets to reduce installation time. Driving caps and Extraction Clamps can also be supplied to prevent damage when installed or extracted.

The strength and flexibility of trench sheets and ease of extraction makes Maxx Piling trench sheets ideal for re-use in all forms of temporary work. Maxx Piling trench sheets are ideal for permanent reinforcement of earth banks and servicing trenches. In many cases a trench sheet structure will create a permanent barrier for basement walls and canals.

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Trench Sheet Specifications

Standard Trench Sheet
L8 Trench Sheet
Trench Sheet - MLP6-3.5 - Maxx Piling
Trench Sheet - MLP6-6.0 - Maxx Piling
Trench Sheet - MKD4-6.0 - Maxx Piling

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